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COVID: Stay at home now
Thoughts by Chris Hinds
Fox News says we should priotitize the economy. I say we should prioritize lives over livelihood.

I want to make a comment about a Fox News opinion piece released today: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/coronavirus-crisis-leadership-back-to-work

I believe lives are more important than livelihood. We can rebuild lost livelihood, but we cannot get back lives that have been lost. I heard there was a narrative out there that sought to put some people’s livelihood above lives, so I went looking for that narrative.

As someone who is in the “high risk” pool, I reject that this piece’s author, Mr. Brenberg, wants me to sacrifice my life so that we can prioritize “[getting] Americans back to work as quickly as possible.”

Yes, the “effects of job loss, wage loss, and bankruptcy … are real and long-lasting.” So is losing a loved-one prematurely because of something our leaders declined to do. So is losing your own life because someone who “would love to open up the economy by Easter.” Both needs are real, but it is clear that one need is greater than the other.

The best way to get people back to work is for us to all stay home now. There are way too many Denverites getting out and being social this weekend. Someone has set up a speaker in the nearby park and is playing DJ. Yesterday, there was a baseball game in the same park. If you want to get back to work, and if you want to save our economy, STAY HOME NOW. Let’s all do our part NOW to stop the spread of this virus so we can all get our society and economy back as soon as possible.

Finally, yes, this is ignoring so. many. issues. wrong with our society that COVID is exposing. I’m limiting this post to the topic of social distancing.