We asked you to tell us where in District 10 we should have a safe open space for people experiencing homelessness. Thanks to hundreds of you, we have lots of suggestions! It took a bit to compile the results, and now we have the responses for your review.

Safe Open Spaces are designated, sanctioned, temporary campsites for people experiencing homelessness. The idea is that these sites could be augmented with sanitation and services so those experiencing homelessness have quick, nearby access to resources.

One takeaway is that many of you feel there should be no Safe Open Space at all.

Another takeaway is that many of you suggested a place that was not in District 10. While that wasn’t meant to be the point of the survey – it was meant to find a place inside District 10, not outside our borders – it suggests many of you feel strongly that any safe open space placed in Denver shouldn’t be inside our District.

The result inside District 10 with the greatest number of responses was Civic Center Park.

For more detail, please review the attached presentation.