2021 D10 Constituent Policy Priorities Survey analysis

We surveyed you at the beginning of 2021 to ensure our office is on the right track to elevate and implement the policy priorities of the D10 community. The survey allowed participants to rank policy options related to priority issues identified by District 10 Registered Neighborhood Organizations. The three primary issues identified by the RNOs were:

  • Homelessness and unsanctioned camping
  • Neighborhood traffic calming
  • COVID recovery and community support

The survey was open for two months, January and February 2021. All registered voters in Council District 10 received a postcard in the mail directing them to our website, denverperfect10.com, and the 2021 Constituent Policy Priorities Survey. Despite the outreach, we only received 376 responses. Capitol Hill constituents were overly represented among the participants (~28%), followed by Congress Park constituents (~18%). The analysis shows that nearly 2/3 of respondents agree with the policy priorities identified by D10 Registered Neighborhood Organizations. Additionally, climate change and environmental health are clearly a fourth primary issue among participants. Around 70% of all survey participants noted policies that prioritize climate change and environmental health are important issues to them. For a more thorough analysis, download the report below.