Historic brick building next to high-rise residential building. Sky is blue and partly cloudy. Trees in foreground are bare indicating winter

A Message from Denver Water: Keep Your Sprinklers Off Before, During, and After This Stormy Period!

With a below average snowpack and high customer demand, Denver Water is encouraging customers who receive good moisture to turn off their irrigation systems ahead of this incoming storm system, and to leave them off for several days afterward, providing the storm delivers a much-needed punch of rain and snow to the metro area and to Denver Water’s collection system as well.

With the near-record dryness in April, many customers turned on their systems early and have watered at a pace unnecessary for the seasonal temperatures we’ve experienced so far this spring. This storm presents a good opportunity to remind people to water only during the cooler hours of the evening, overnight and early morning (6 p.m. to 10 a.m.). And during springtime, with lower temperatures, most people need only water a couple times a week at most and should ensure that when rainstorms come, their systems are shut off before, during and after the storm.

Peak snowpack came in at well below average in both of Denver Water’s supply basins (South Platte and Upper Colorado) and while we anticipate our reservoir system will reach an average of 90% full following run-off season, continued high customer demand and precipitation deficits could cut into that and lead to additional steps to reduce water use among the 1.5 million people we serve.

The less water customers use, the more remains in streams and rivers and the more can be held in reservoirs for use later in the season, when hot temperatures arrive and landscapes are stressed.