North Capitol Hill / Uptown

About North Capitol Hill / Uptown

This hip district has firmly established itself as a capital of "cool," just east of downtown. Restaurant Row, the stretch of 17th Avenue running from Broadway to City Park, is lined with cafes, bistros, pubs, fine dining and LGBTQ-friendly bars - almost all with outdoor patios. From a few rounds of ping pong at Ace Eat Serve to drinks, dining and dessert at Chef Keegan Gerhard's D Bar, Uptown is the epicenter for tempting taste buds.

It's also where you'll find Denver's largest green space, City Park. City Park offers free jazz every Sunday in the summer during City Park Jazz and is home to two of the city's most popular attractions - the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.


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Total Population
Denver Population: 693,417


Median Resident Age
Denver Median Resident Age: 34.6

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Median Income Per Resident
Denver Median Income Per Resident: $41,778


Median Income Per Household
Denver Median Income Per Household: $64,973

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Median Rent
Denver Median Rent: $1,255


Median Home Value
Denver Median Home Value: $399,216

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% homes owner occupied (vs. renter)
Denver % of homes owner occupied (vs. renter): 50%


% homes occupied (vs. vacant)
Denver % home occupied (vs. vacant): 94%

North Capitol Hill / Uptown-Year Home Was Built

Data for Year Home Was Built-North Capitol Hill / Uptown Compared to Denver
North Capitol HillDenver
Before 194034%19%
1940 - 19493%7%
1950 - 19594%15%
1060 - 19693%11%
1970 - 19794%14%
1980 - 19896%7%
1990 - 199912%7%
2000 - 200924%12%
2010 - 20138%4%
After 20133%3%

North Capitol Hill / Uptown-Resident Ethnicity

Data for Resident Ethnicity-North Capitol Hill / Uptown Compared to Denver
North Capitol HillDenver
Hawaiian PI0%0%
Two or more2%2%

North Capitol Hill / Uptown-Resident Education Level

Data for Resident Education Level-North Capitol Hill / Uptown Compared to Denver
North Capitol HillDenver
Bachelor or higher66%48%
Some college21%22%
HS grad or Equiv8%17%
Less than HS6%13%

North Capitol Hill / Uptown-Resident Age

Data for Resident Age-North Capitol Hill / Uptown Compared to Denver
North Capitol HillDenver
Under 101%12%
10 - 191%10%
20 - 2936%18%
30 - 3927%20%
40 - 499%13%
50 - 5911%11%
60 - 6910%9%
70 - 793%5%

Registered Neighborhood Organizations

lineart illustration of hour glass with sands nearly all in the bottom indication time is running outNorth Capitol Hill / Uptown History

After the silver crash of 1893, the Capitol Hill mansions began to be replaced by the charming apartments now seen in North Capitol Hill. The mid-1900s saw an influx of artists and musicians, which gave the neighborhood the hip vibe it maintains to this day. Seventeenth Avenue remains one of the most eclectic and delightful walks in the city, with shops, dining, and historical buildings. North Capitol Hill/Uptown is bordered by Twentieth Avenue and Colfax, Park Avenue on the northeast, Downing Street on the east, and Broadway on the west.

Public SafetyPublic Safety

Denver Police District 6

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Address: 1566 N Washington St.
Phone: 720-913-2800

Community Resource Officers:

Teresa Gillian

Austen Munsen

Denver Police Districts Map

The map above shows the outline of Police Districts 2, 3 & 6 within the boundaries of Denver District 10. 

District 10 Neighborhoods

Click on the map to explore other District 10 Neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are shown outlined on the map below and are linked to pages: Belcaro, Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Cherry Creek, Civic Center/Golden Triangle, Congress Park, Country Club, North Capitol Hill/Uptown, and Speer.

Map of District 10