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Changes to waste collection in several Denver parks

This summer, Denver Parks and Recreation will expand its new waste collection and removal program in 3 city parks, including two in D10, Cheesman Park and Congress Park.

Over the past three years Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) has been implementing a new waste collection and removal program in parks. The program directly supports goals from DPR’s Game Plan for a Healthy City as it relates to energy, resource management, and increased user responsibility – pack it in and pack it out.

The new program utilizes a load and pack truck to empty trash cans, rather than hand removal by staff. This reduces the number of maintenance hours spent by staff on waste collection, which can be reallocated to other park maintenance tasks. It also prevents staff injury from lifting heavy trash bags and exposure to sharp or hazardous objects.

This waste collection program will be expanding to the following parks this summer: Cheesman Park, Congress Park and City Park. Eventually all Denver Parks will participate in this method of waste collection.

As part of the expansion process, trash can locations will be adjusted to accommodate for truck maneuverability. Park users will notice that trash cans may no longer be in the locations they are used to, and we understand that this may cause some initial frustration. DPR staff kindly requests the cooperation of the public as we transition to this new waste collection method. We hope that park users will see the many benefits of this type of waste collection system, and how it supports efforts to create a safe, efficient, and sustainable trash collection process within Denver Parks.