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City Seeking Applications for the Board of Adjustment 

Purpose: Seeking candidates for consideration to serve on the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment hears and decides cases regarding the Denver Zoning Code and Former Chapter 59. It is quasi-judicial, responsible for conducting formal legal proceedings, subject to legal standards and court review.  

The Board of Adjustment has four main responsibilities:  Administrative Review to allow for reversal of a decision where Zoning Administrator has “erred”.  Approval of Zoning Permit with Special Exception Review (ZPSE) for Uses which are allowed in a zone district but have the potential to impact the surrounding neighborhood.  Granting variances to allow a deviation from the Code where a hardship is demonstrated (most common case coming before the BOA).  And issue a Stay or Delay of Enforcement Action. 

The Board of Adjustment is comprised of five members and two alternates. Two members and one alternate are appointed by City Council and two members and one alternate are appointed by the Mayor. One appointee is jointly appointed by both the Mayor and Council.  


  • At least one architect 
  • At least one attorney, experience with administrative law preferred but not required 
  • At least one individual with a background in urban planning, construction, engineering, or development 
  • Individuals who may not meet the above professional backgrounds but have other demonstrated experience with zoning  

Terms: Term lengths are five years for board members, and three years for alternates (who serve as needed when a board member is absent). 

Compensation: This Board is a weekly, part-time obligation and is compensated at $7500 per year. Alternates are compensated $150 for each meeting they attend. 

Meetings: The board is currently scheduled to meet every Tuesday from 9 am to noon, with advanced preparation required. Additional special meetings are also occasionally required. Training for newly appointed members will take place in May at times TBD, in consultation with the newly appointed members.  

Application Process: Interested candidates must submit a completed application, resume, and supplemental questions no later than March 31, 2022. 

For any questions please contact Luke Palmisano at Lucas.Palmisano@denvergov.org