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District Court Upholds Denver’s Vaccine Public Health Order

Read the official press release regarding the District Court's decision to uphold Denver's Vaccine Public Health Order.
DENVER – A District Court Judge today upheld Denver’s vaccine public health order, dismissing the injunction request and affirming the City and County of Denver’s position and well-settled law, as seen in other courts across the country upholding similar mandates in similar rulings.  

Statements regarding the district court judge’s ruling:  
Mayor Michael B. Hancock: “The judge’s ruling confirms this mandate is an appropriate way to protect the health and safety of city employees and workers in high-risk settings throughout Denver. This is about saving lives, and we’re grateful to the 94 percent of city employees who are complying with the vaccine public health order. Our city employees have always put service to their community first, and they have demonstrated that once again by getting vaccinated.”  

Bob McDonald, Executive Director of Public Health and Environment: “Vaccines are proven to be safe and effective and they are our way out of the pandemic. Denver’s vaccine requirement is necessary and will help ensure hospital capacity isn’t jeopardized, kids can stay in school for in person learning and ultimately, to save lives.”  

City Attorney Kristin Bronson: “Today Denver joins the growing list of cities successfully defending its vaccine mandate. For over 100 years, the courts have recognized the authority of local governments to protect public health and safety through vaccine mandates because vaccines save lives. We have been encouraged by the positive response to this mandate by the vast majority of city employees and are confident this decision will continue to promote public acceptance of this important public health order.”

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