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Happy Christmas Eve!

Spirit of Christmas

Happy Christmas eve!

Many of us celebrate this holiday time of year with our households. Many others have been forced into the spectrum of homelessness because of 2020, COVID, and its effects on our economy. Still others are one eviction moratorium away from joining those already on America’s streets. And there are many who have been homeless since far before we knew anything about COVID.

Denver is doing what it can with reduced funding, stretched emergency services (due to COVID and 2020’s season of action), and increased needs by so many.

This article demonstrates that homelessness – and our fear for our lives and livelihoods – is nationwide, not just local. The article talks about homelessness, tent cities, and encampments in Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago. Denver’s not even mentioned – even though we of course know that housing insecurity is definitely here in our city, too.

Note that, per the article, the currently passed $900 billion stimulus package provides nothing for homelessness.

However, there’s hope! In America, we have a new President taking office, and he has talked about a $640 billion pledge over 10 years to create affordable housing and “end” homelessness. In Denver, we have a new, dedicated homelessness fund that will provide up to $40 million per year specifically for homelessness services and supports. We also have a vaccine that is rolling out across the world which, assuming people take it (and you should!), will help us re-open our city and economy.

Please read the article, posted here.