Photo of Chris next to D10 encampment

January 2021 Homelessness Update

January 11, 2021
Homelessness is a city-wide issue, but the urban core, including parts of District 10, bears the brunt of this growing crisis. As the Mayor’s office puts it, District 10 is “ground zero” for our city’s homelessness crisis, and many would say Denver is the center of our state’s crisis.
Image depicting COVID and vaccines

Track COVID-19 vaccine distribution with CDPHE’s dashboard

January 6, 2021
CDPHE added vaccine distribution information to their COVID-19 dashboard.
Photo of a traffic control sign stating that this street should be shared with bikes, people, and cars

Shared Streets continue through winter

January 5, 2021
The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is improving safety on E. 11th Ave. and E. 16th Ave. to keep the streets open to pedestrians through the winter.
Gumdrop, a grey pit bull with white feet and chest, wears a teal harness in the lobby of the Denver Animal Shelter

Breed-Restricted Permits now available

January 5, 2021
Gumdrop was the first pit bull adopted from the Denver Animal Shelter in more than 30 years after an ordinance banning the breed was repealed by voters. Learn how to get a breed-restricted permit for your pit bull through Denver Animal Protection today.
Denver skyline on a sunny summer day, facing east. Green deciduous trees make up the foreground.

Hinds’ Sight 2020

December 31, 2020
2020 was a year like no other. It was also my first full year in office, and I’m reporting back to you on the work I did on your behalf. Hinds’ Sight is 2020, after all! Don’t forget to take the constituent survey to set priorities for 2021.
single family tudor-style residences in Cheeseman park

Take the Group Living Code survey

December 29, 2020
City Council will be considering the latest updates to the group living code in the coming months. I want to get your feedback before then. Take our Group Living Code survey to make your voice heard.
Photo of woman in front of tent

Happy Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2020
Spirit of Christmas Happy Christmas eve! Many of us celebrate this holiday time of year with our households. Many others have been forced into the spectrum of homelessness because of 2020, COVID, and its effects on our economy. Still others…
Red Arctic-grade tents line a snowy path leading toward Denver Community Church

Safe Outdoor Spaces Update

December 23, 2020
Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS) are a high-priority issue for you, judging by the hundreds of emails my office has answered in the last several weeks. Now that both sites are open, we’ve got an update on how things are going.…
Photo of tent in SOS mockup

December 2020 Homelessness Update

December 9, 2020
Safe Outdoor Spaces are open in District 10. What are they actually like?

November 2020 Homelessness Update

November 10, 2020
Based on the number of questions my office gets about the issue, homelessness is by far the most important topic to District 10. To better address constituent concerns, my office will be publishing a comprehensive homelessness update each month.