Photo of woman in front of tent

Happy Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2020
Spirit of Christmas Happy Christmas eve! Many of us celebrate this holiday time of year with our households. Many others have been forced into the spectrum of homelessness because of 2020, COVID, and its effects on our economy. Still others…
Red Arctic-grade tents line a snowy path leading toward Denver Community Church

Safe Outdoor Spaces Update

December 23, 2020
Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS) are a high-priority issue for you, judging by the hundreds of emails my office has answered in the last several weeks. Now that both sites are open, we’ve got an update on how things are going.…
Photo of tent in SOS mockup

December 2020 Homelessness Update

December 9, 2020
Safe Outdoor Spaces are open in District 10. What are they actually like?

November 2020 Homelessness Update

November 10, 2020
Based on the number of questions my office gets about the issue, homelessness is by far the most important topic to District 10. To better address constituent concerns, my office will be publishing a comprehensive homelessness update each month.
Parked police vehicle with lights on faces camera with two uniformed officers on either side of the police car.

Photos from protests in District 10 (5/28/2020)

June 6, 2020
Photos from protests in Denver (May 28, 2020) None of these images are meant to make a statement. This is only documentation.

Black Lives Matter

June 2, 2020
Black Lives Matter To those of you peacefully protesting, I see you. Black Lives Matter. I do know a struggle, but I do not know your struggle. I am ready and willing to protect your right to speak, assemble, and…
COVID-19 graphic with image of virus label as COVID-19

Helpful COVID Resources

May 27, 2020
Helpful COVID Resources Denver’s Safer at Home Policies – FAQ Visit Denver’s Safer at Home Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions, including: Recovery guidance and planning Relief support and resources Testing information Wearing and making face coverings Handwashing and Santizing How…

Mayor tells Council to break rules, gets mad when Council says no

April 28, 2020
Mayor tells Council to break rules, gets mad when Council says no TL;DR We had one day to review a more than 70 page document that we knew had errors. In the day we had to research this resolution, I…
City Planning map of 5280 Trail highlighting local culture, iconic features, architecture and history.

The 5280 Trail And Why I Support It

March 8, 2020
The 5280 Trail And Why I Support It I was elected to office during the runoff election on June 4th, 2019. Between June 4th and July 15th, the day I was sworn into office, there really wasn’t much for me…