Two dogs running

Quality Hill Update: Pilot Dog Park

Thank you to those that participated in the August 2022 survey about the pilot dog park at Quality Hill Park (10th Ave and Pennsylvania St). After the initial three-month pilot that kicked off at the end of July 2022, Denver Parks and Recreation has decided to extend the pilot dog park by an additional 6 months (until May 1, 2023)  to further evaluate the placement of a permanent dog park in this location. The extension will allow Denver Parks and Recreation to evaluate the pilot dog park by observing the following: maintenance conditions through the upcoming seasonal changes, changes in impact to nearby residents based on recent adjustment in hours and good neighbor signage, and if dog park visitors use the park in a way that is respectful and compatible with the urban neighborhood context. 

Based on the community survey results and conversations with adjacent neighbors, there has been a change in park hours enacted at Quality Hill Park to reduce negative noise impacts for nearby residences. The dog park is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm, with the entrance gate being locked outside of those hours. As a friendly reminder, entering the park outside of those hours will result in a fine. 

The success of Quality Hill Park as a potential dog park location is highly dependent on how users of this pilot dog park respect its hours, rules, and neighborhood location. We kindly remind dog park users to follow these guidelines for a happy dog park and neighborhood: 

  1. Respect Dog Park Hours: Enjoy the park between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Please do not enter the park when the gate is locked. 
  2. Keep the Peace: Please keep barking noise to a minimum by being attentive to your dog and encouraging fellow park users to do the same. 
  3. Be a Good Neighbor: Be conscious of how you and your dog are impacting those who live around the dog park when you park your car, spend time in the park, and clean up after your dog. 

If you see disrespectful or disruptive use of the dog park, you can call 311 or use www.pocketgov.com to file a description. Our dedicated park rangers review all community 311 submissions related to the park. Let’s work together to make the pilot dog park a success for the Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

We will provide updated communications closer to the end of the extended pilot period

to provide an update on the use of Quality Hill Park. We are grateful for the community input we’ve received, as well as for the many dog park users who are caring for this new amenity in a mindful way. Future updates about the pilot and changes to the park will be shared publicly. If you have questions, email us at parksandrecreation@denvergov.org

Finally, District 10 has heard mostly positive reviews about the Quality Hill pop-up dog park, but one potential way to mitigate the negative impacts to neighbors is to consider additional dog parks in District 10.  Either way, if you support or oppose adding more dog parks to District 10, please email us at district10@denvergov.org so we can advocate for you!