2 images of Golden Triangle neighborhood in Denver; top image shows an active neighborhood, bottom image shows the Denver Art Museum campus

SURVEY: Golden Triangle Zoning & Design updates

Take a 5-minute survey to share your opinion about the proposed zoning strategy and design standards and guidelines for Golden Triangle. Survey closes 3/22!

Take a 5-minute survey to share your feedback about the proposed zoning and design changes for the Golden Triangle!  The goal of the zoning strategy is to achieve the plan vision for an eclectic, inclusive, and engaging community. The existing “one size fits all” approach applies the same zoning rules to all projects in the Golden Triangle regardless of size. The proposed changes are intended to:

  • Encourage an eclectic mix of land uses, building sizes, and development types
  • Promote a broad range of housing opportunities
  • Reduce the physical and visual impacts of large parking structures
  • Support the protection/reuse of existing buildings
  • Ensure an improved pedestrian experience through thoughtful building design, highly active ground floor uses, and outdoor public gathering spaces

Get to know the changes, take the survey, and share it with those who might be interested.

Visit www.DenverGov.org/goldentriangle to:

  • Get an overview of the project and proposed changes
  • Read a detailed report on the proposal
  • Get the facts about proposed building heights and existing view planes