About a year ago, the Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DOTI) made a change to how trash is collected in Congress Park.  Instead of collecting trash in the alleyway - which has been the practice in Congress Park for many years - DOTI changed collection for the vast majority of Congress Park residents to the street.

Since then, the District 10 office has fielded many concerns about the change in trash collection.

Denver's Perfect 10 is holding a town hall about trash collection on August 24th at 6pm.

To prepare for the town hall, we have asked residents to submit their address should they have concerns about the current trash collection strategy.  This will help DOTI better understand who has concerns, and it will also help the D10 office better advocate for the neighborhood by sharing how many people have concerns about the current trash collection strategy.

If you have not already submitted your address, you can do so by visiting DenverPerfect10.com/trash. You can also sign up for the Zoom call by visiting the Congress Park Trash Collection Town Hall page.

Congress Park addresses with concerns about the current trash collection method