123 Speer Blvd. currently houses the Denver Channel 7 Broadcasting office

Update: 123 Speer Blvd. designation

After a robust deliberation on April 6, the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) voted 6-1 to recommend approval of the designation application and forwarded it to the Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure committee (LUTI). On April 20, LUTI determined that this designation was ready to advance to City Council. City Council will take a final vote on the designation after a required public hearing on May 10. If you’re interested in speaking during the public hearing, please follow the instructions on the City Council Public Hearings webpage.

Even though this owner-opposed designation application is advancing to City Council, Community Planning and Development staff is still actively working with the applicants and owners to find a win-win scenario that would increase density while still preserving the tower.

Learn more about the potential landmark designation on Community Planning and Development’s Historic Designations webpage.