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Vehicle registration enforcement resumes April 1 in Denver

Denver DOTI will begin street-sweeping and vehicle registration enforcement on April 1. Street paving operations are also expected to begin March 22. Street sweeping and paving require people move their cars for effective operations.

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Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) will be kicking off its street paving season in March and enforcement of posted street sweeping on April 1 – both programs require people to move their cars for crews to effectively operate and serve the city’s residents.

Annual, Posted Sweeping, and Paving Programs

Prior to April 1, which marks the start of the posted street sweeping season in Denver, residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their street sweeping day, as indicated by the red and white signs posted on their block and sign up for sweeping reminders at www.pocketgov.com to avoid a $50 ticket for parking in a tow-away zone. Street sweeping keeps dirt and debris out of our air and water and prevents flooding caused by clogged storm sewer inlets. Because dirt/debris gathers primarily in the curb line of the street, DOTI asks residents to move their cars so that street sweepers can get all the way to the curb.

Denver’s paving season is expected to start March 22, weather permitting. Temporary no parking signs will be placed on streets to be paved at least 24 hours in advance of crews arriving. Cars left on the street when work begins will be moved – typically within a two-block radius of where the car was parked – and vehicle owners will receive a $50 citation for parking in a no parking zone. Given the continued economic hardships related to COVID-19, DOTI will refrain from issuing an additional $100 citation for the tow during the 2021 paving season. Residents who need help locating their cars following a short-tow can call the city’s non-emergency line at 720-913-2000 for assistance.

Vehicle Registration Enforcement Resumes April 1 in Denver

With the State of Colorado indicating to county motor vehicle offices that it will be resuming timely processing of requests for new, standard (green and white) license plates by the end of March, clearing its backlog of work, the City and County of Denver will restart enforcement of vehicle registrations laws on April 1.

Below are steps Denver County residents can take to further take care of vehicle plates and registration status before April 1.

New, Standard Plates

Denver County vehicle owners who prefer standard green and white plates can get their plates without waiting by visiting one of the Denver County Motor Vehicle Offices. Please note, vehicle owners must utilize the motor vehicle office located in their county of primary residence.

New, Specialty/Vanity Plates

Denver County vehicle owners who order or have ordered specialty/vanity plates from the state may continue to experience a delay in receiving their new plates due to a backlog caused by a COVID 19 work delay. Denver vehicle owners who already ordered, but don’t want to wait for these specialty plates and risk getting a ticket, can go to a Denver Motor Vehicle office to get a standard green and white plate instead. Note that Denver will not be able the refund the $25 collected for the organization benefitting from the specialty plate.

Temporary Plates

Vehicle owners with temporary permits that are about to expire and who haven’t received their permanent license plates yet, should seek an extension of their temporary permits from either the dealer from which they bought the car or their County Motor Vehicle Office, including Denver Motor Vehicle. Or, if you are a Denver County resident who has paid for new plates, but haven’t received them yet, visit a Denver Motor Vehicle Office to get them.

Registration Renewals

Residents with vehicle registrations due for renewal and who have yet to apply for their renewal stickers should take immediate steps to complete that process to avoid a citation in April. Registration renewals are processed at the County level and Denver Motor Vehicle offices have renewal stickers in stock and no processing backlogs. Residents are encouraged to go online, visit a motor vehicle office, or mail their renewal as soon as possible to complete their registration renewal.

Contesting a Citation

Drivers who don’t address their plate/registration situations by April 1 may receive a ticket and can contest the citation if they believe they received it in error at www.parksmartdenver.com.