Our slice of Denver is Perfect in so many ways. We continue to grow as a city, and those of us living close to the urban core are definitely feeling all of the growth, change, and innovation underway. We get lots of questions about these projects, and we also get requests from people who are interested in getting more engaged in the future of their neighborhood. Here’s a partial list of the projects currently underway in District 10 along with ways to learn more about each of those projects. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your interest in helping shape Denver’s future.

Community Planning and Development:

    Department Of Transportation and Infrastructure:

      Denver Parks and Recreation:

      Denver Arts and Venues:

      Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency

      • High Performance Buildings and Homes
        Buildings and Homes are responsible for 64% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Denver. We are working towards making all new and all existing buildings and homes net zero emissions, more sustainable, and more resilient. Net Zero Emissions means highly efficient, all-electric, grid flexible, and powered by 100% renewable electricity.
      • Zero Waste
        Learn how you can minimize or eliminate waste, and what Denver is doing to promote waste reduction, recycling, and composting.
      • Renewable Energy
        Denver as an electricity consumer is nested within Xcel Energy and the broader Colorado electric system. Denver’s renewable vision is to enable a rapid and equitable transition to a 100% renewable electric system in Colorado. Denver’s approach to counting renewable electricity contributions measures progress towards system-wide decarbonization. It places investments in local clean energy infrastructure and community co-benefits at the forefront of Denver’s energy transition.
      • Sustainable Transportation
        Electrified mobility - like electric vehicles and electric bikes - reduces harmful emissions from transportation. Emissions contribute to smog and climate change, worsen asthma and cause heart attacks. By shifting away from fossil fuels in how we get around, Denverites will have cleaner air, better health, and lower costs.
      • Resources for Businesses
        Denver is engaging with businesses and supporting green workforce development. Become part of the green job’s movement! Also, save money and the planet by becoming a Certifiably Green Business.
      • General Program Directory
        The Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency runs a number of programs and services to advance sustainability as a value in our business and residential communities. We are also a hub and connecting point to partners and other city departments working on related efforts. If you can't find what you are looking for on our site, we may know where to find it. Connect with us at sustainability@denvergov.org.