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Why connect with yourCity Council Representative?

If you are not a resident of Denver’s Perfect 10, you do not vote for the District 10 City council representative. But that does not mean you cannot work with our office. We are here to support you as a business owner, act as an advocate for your business, and help you navigate your business in this economy. It is our goal to create and support a district where residents, businesses and visitors thrive, feel safe and have access to the resources and amenities they need.

Are there issues that are impacting your business? Customers? Staff and employees? We may be able to help. Let us be your advocates with the City government and help you thrive.

Stay engaged

Would it be helpful for your business if we had a business specific newsletter or a social media page? Please contact us to let us know that! The idea would be to have a resource to connect you with your neighboring businesses, meet businesses next door to you and share successes, issues and failures with other like minded business people in your area.

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    Safety & Security Resources

    To help keep D10, your business and employees safe, creating relationships with the Denver Police Community Resource Officers (CRO) is vital. They can assess your business for security deficiencies, provide safety and crime information, connect you to additional safety and crime prevention resources and become a welcome friend in the neighborhood.

    You can connect with your CRO with any non-emergency questions. If it is an emergency, always call 911. As a reminder, you can call 311 to report non-emergency questions, problems and concerns with the City and County of Denver. For more information on Community Resource Officers in District 10, please visit our Police Districts page.

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    Denver City Council

    Owning a Business in Denver and Working with City Council

    City Council makes laws, budgets City money, and can investigate City agencies and employees. Since 1971, the Council has had 13 council members — 11 from equally populated districts and two elected at large. Council members, who must be at least 25 years old, U.S. citizens, and two-year Denver residents who live in the District boundaries in which they represent, are all elected at the same time every four years. Council committees, each concerned with various areas of city government, meet frequently to discuss and prepare proposed laws.

    Do you own a business in Denver? City Council and the decisions they make, directly affect the residents and businesses in the City and County of Denver. Make sure your voice is heard and that you stay involved. Learn more about Denver City Council and how to engage with your representative.

    Chris Hinds taking oath

    Working with Councilman Chris Hinds

    If you own a business in Denver’s District 10, you can work with Councilman Chris Hinds to voice your needs, concerns and goals. Chris Hinds has dedicated himself to service. He believes everyone in Denver deserves access to opportunities – access to housing, transportation, fresh and healthy food, and everything necessary to thrive. Chris Hinds believes that thriving, successful businesses in our city’s neighborhoods are an integral part of the 20-minute neighborhood concept and is dedicated to helping your business thrive.

    Contact Chris and his team today to discuss your business needs.