Eviction Defense

Eviction Defense What: Seminar on renter resources Why: We all should know what our rights and options are to remain in our homes When: October 27th, 5:30 – 7:30pm Where: Trinity United Methodist Church (1820 Broadway, Denver, CO, 80202) Who:…
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September 2022 News Highlights

Read the top three stories for Denver Perfect 10’s September 2022 Newsletter Denver Supports Safe Parking Program for Persons Experiencing Homelessness Denver’s Department of Housing Stability (HOST) announces the recent awarding of a $150,000 contract to the Colorado Safe Parking…

Denver Moves Hundreds of People from Homelessness to Housing Over 100-Day Surge Effort

Utilizing an infusion of additional federal resources resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Denver concluded its second 100-day housing surge earlier this month to rehouse persons experiencing homelessness. A total of 359 households, including 597 individuals, were placed into housing. “Denver’s…
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Homelessness in District 10 and Denver

Homelessness and Denver   Homelessness and District 10 Homelessness is the top concern of District 10 residents Homelessness is the top concern of the people who contact my office.  Or, to be more specific, the top concern is unsanctioned encampments…
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Denver City Council approves rental license

Denver City Council approved the creation of a residential rental license aimed to prevent housing conditions that adversely affect tenants. The residential rental license requirement is phased and will start Jan. 1, 2022 with opt-in early licensing. Licenses will require a fee and third-party inspection process.