What is redistricting and why does Denver do it?

The United States Constitution says that we should all be equally represented; basically, that one person should receive one vote. To achieve that, every level of government, including the city of Denver, must redraw district maps every 10 years to create Council districts that are as evenly populated and as geographically compact as possible. In April 2022, City Council approved the finalized version of the new boundary lines that will go into effect in July 2023, following the April 2023 election.

Who is my Councilperson right now?

Your Councilperson is the person who was elected to serve your district in 2019. They will continue to be your Councilperson until July 2023. If you are still unsure who your Councilperson is, please visit this website.

What City Council District will I be voting in on April 4?

While many residents will continue to reside in District 10 past July, some neighborhoods will be joining other districts.  The City Council candidates listed on your ballot will correlate with those running to represent you as of July 2023 and onward.

The map below shows what areas will be leaving, joining, and remaining in District 10 in July 2023. Still have questions? Email us!

A picture of District 10, including the areas of North and South Denver that will be added to District 10